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  1. i have been testing using a lot of xnet and haven't had any issues, is there a way that the issue can be reproduced?
  2. yea i realized that the second that i read your post hahahah
  3. Heya @EPICfighters Outlaw helped us out with that so technically we didnt need a rollback anymore lol so if you could roll it back to right before you rolled it back this morning it would be great we ended up switching to AE2 and it was a full ae2 drive that got rolled back today lolol
  4. with that chest of stuff we are getting close to back to where we were, a little more on some things and a little less on others thanks guys and sorry for being a pest
  5. Hey guys! Captain Pesty Pants here. I've been very patiently waiting for an admin to rollback my refined storage drive. We've only been playing on the server for about 5 weeks now and we've pressed forward in the modpack a little bit. Our main materials were on the disks however and its getting very discouraging to play. Just a friendly reminder please don't forget about us. Thank You for your time and help ~Nikkinz (Capt Pesty Pants)
  6. it had all of our stuff in it also so not much to do till you grace us with some admin lovin
  7. SevTech: Ages GregTech: New Horizons Farming Valley
  8. Your Name: OTwitch - NikkinzCoordiantes: x: -3695 y: 81 z: -780Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) 8/26/2020 10:45 a.m Central Daylight Time Description of Issue: After server restart refined storage chips were missing. @ContinuumScreenshots (Optional):
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