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I fell to the void when i was mining and can't get out


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hello to the forum community, i need some help to get out of the void, i was mining in the normal world but i fell to a hole and get to the void, i don't know who destroyed the bedrock, but i can't teleport to anybody, either can go to the spawn, i will appreciate that a moderator can help to solve my problem, my in-game name is SantiLebronJames, i would love to still playing in this server with mi cousin, but i need to get out of the void, also, when i try to enter to survival, the server kick me out and give me a message that says ¨please disable optifine fastmath feature!!¨ , i would be thankful if any moderator help me, thankkkssss for your attention, have a great dayyyy!!! atte SantiLebronJames


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