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I lost access to my own town


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Hi, Yesterday when I entered the server my inventory was empty and I had no home set, I tried to restart the game but it didn't work, I went walking to the place where my base is and also had no access. I talked to Helper Tzad0 who saw my town with the same name as my nickname and that I didn't have access to. Can you help me?print.thumb.PNG.ec723d265264f37556884896d096ba56.PNG


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It says you are still member of your town


Things like that can happen when you play using a cracked account and then switch to legit one or vice versa. UUID is different then and the server treats you like a different player. It's possible you selected an option to start the game in offline mode in your launcher instead of normal launch. Make sure you are starting the game in online aka normal mode and you should get back your inventory and town access.

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