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[Inventory Rollback Request] Lebinator95

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Your Name: Lebinator95
Coordinates: -134, 158, -472
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 5:35pm EST, March 11th 2021
Description of Issue: Used the portal at spawn to go to the end. When I spawned in I must have spawned looking at endermen as when my computer loaded the end I was greeted by angry endermen and before I could react they knocked me off the platform. I did /spawn to avoid the void for easier collection of my gravestone but my gravestone never spawned.

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Hello, since it has been some time already, I feel like it would be best for you to contact me on Discord whenever you are online so I can perform the inventory rollback.

It would be best for you to remove the items you currently have on your person, and then inform me so I can rollback your playerdata. This way, you won't lose any items when the rollback is done.


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