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[Inventory rollback request] ElVaira767


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Your Name: ElVaira767

Coordinates: x: 2710, z: 1058, y: 65

Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11:35 PM GTM +1 25/03/2021

Description of Issue: I died to furious zombies and there was no grave when I came back. Some guys with better equipment helped me search it but we didn't find anything

Screenshots (Optional): 

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Hey Elvaira767, 


inventory rollbacks take a bit more time/planning to perform, it may take a day or so. Just make sure you empty your bags before you log off since your inventory will be reset to date/time given by you.

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When did you start playing the server? I have looked at the backups for the past three days and could not find your playerfile. Are you a new player?

If so, you will have to change this topic to a refund request, as a rollback is not possible due to there being no backup file.

[TEMPLATE] Refund Request - Technical Support - CraftersLand - A Minecraft Community

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