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[Complaint] logen_relogen


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Minecraft Username: (The one complaining about) turtleboi182

Time and Date:  About 12:00 PM GMT-4 on July 31st

Description of what happened: (In chronological order) So first, let me explain.  I tend to hate people being near or inside of my base uninvited, since last time that happened I got everything griefed.  logen_relogen said something along the lines of "Hey, is this your base turtleboi182?" and they flew right where I was standing.  They decided to stay there and I just flung them away with a spell because again, I hated people coming uninvited to my base.  They then came again, I told them to leave and said that I would kill them if they didn't.  I pulled out my halberd and they decided to steal it and fly away.  I told them that it was bannable and they ignored me.  They then said "I leave it at your melon farm" or something and I went there.  I then went to spawn and they were there.  I decided to blind them for around 5 seconds with a spell and they said "You're playing with fire.  Next time I'll burn it.".  They actually threatened to burn my items after stealing them.  I then challenged them to try and steal my halberd and they did, but I had a magnet and they couldn't take anything from me.  They kept trying and then I stabbed them, asserting that they shouldn't come back.

Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)  Image of them showing off my sword in chat like a trophy. (https://imgur.com/a/MqcSQ3I)

List of eyewitnesses: talonexstar, and whoever else was on the server at the time.

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