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[Refund Request] Zaphod_965

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Your Name:  Zaphod_965

Item Name + ID + Amount:  ME 16384k Storage Cell - ID??? - Amt 4

Coordinates:  x:35061, z:16637, y:65

Description of Issue:  Items lost due to lag / restart /possible rollback? I had just bought these cells from the market for 2500 each and put them in my ME system. Then there was a restart and maybe a rollback happened a few mins later. After the restart these cells were not in my ME system. Maybe there was bad lag prior to the restart that caused it and not a rollback idk. Please replace these cells or refund the 10k I spent on them? Also, the ID is ??? because JEI doesn't show the item ID on this modpack. Ty, Z.

Screenshots (Optional): 

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