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(Refund Request) *Cr4zyPhilipp*


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Your Name: Cr4zyPhilipp

Item Name: Golden Bag of Holding, but the problem is, that all my staff was in it:
- one Wyvern Pickaxe (IP: 5629)
- one Energetic Infuser (resonant) (IP: 2667:10)
- Ruby Hatchet (IP: 6635)
- Flux-Infused shovel (IP: 6782)
- Flux-Infused Axe (IP: 6784)
- Flux-Infused Sword (IP: 6781)
- Flux-Infused Chestplate (IP: 6776)
   1 FAKE!!! (Mythic Vote Crate Key no cap), but it was a normal vote crate key
- 4 broken Mob spawner (1x Zombie, 1x Spider, 2x Blaze) 
- 8 Mana Dust (IP: 5141:516) 
- 4 Draconium Dust (IP: 5641)

Then in the Golden Bag of Holding was a other Golden Bag of Holding in it was:
- 8 Soul Vial with Enderminy
- 3 Soul Vial with Eldritch Guardian
- 2 Soul Vial with HellHound
- 2 Soul Vial with Wisp
- 2 Soul Vial with Imp
- 1 Soul Vial with Normal Witches and idk if you can do this, but my Friend killed a witch and in this moment I got the witch in my Soul Vial, so there stands "0 Health" but the witch was in it, maybe you can do this, when not its not bad...
- 4 Soul Vial of a Mini Ghast (idk the Name)
- 2 Soul Vial of Blitz (The yellow Blaze)

And maybe 1 Soul Vial with Crimson Cleric (he despawned in my Base cuz my Friend done /t perm set mobs true, cuz he didn't even know it...
(There was also other stuff but not so important then this stuff above)

Coordinates: x: -3133 / y: 67 / z: 2543 (Town Name: Osuki)

It was so, I gone to the desert next to us based cuz I need sand, and then I want to do the sand in my Golden Back of Holding, so I put the sand in it, and then my Golden Back of Holding get dropped and despawned, cuz it goes in the sand. 

Thank you :)

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