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[Refund Request]*AdmSirRed*


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This is for replacement of key items lost when I died in a player claim to a player spike 

Coordinates: X5538 Z 3614 Y64
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 0835 AM Pacific standard time
Description of Issue: I died to what seems to be a creative trap and my grave stone was overwritten. I got no key for my grave and my tombstone never appeared so I lost everything I had on me.
Screenshots (Optional)


The items that I would like replaced are as follows.


Time in a bottle with 30 Hours

Diamatine Helm


Diamatine Chestplate


Diamatine Leggings



All the stats where identical to the amours i screenshotted above EXCEPT for the Soulbound. That does not need to be on the armour.


The Armors where made with a Diamatine Core, Green Sea Serpent Trim and Restonia Plates

1 fully upgraded backpack from Improved backpacks mod.  (diamond upgrade)


I lost much more but this is all that I can really recall of my items in any detail. 



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