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Inventory Rollback Request


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Your Name: DrMasonator
Coordinates: -3106, 69, -4171
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12:25 PM , 08/18/21
Description of Issue: I was milling around my base, when I jump on my rock grinder and died on it. Not knowing it would take my items, I broke my grave and it crushed them into oblivion.
Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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Losing items in this cause wasn't caused by a server error and was a player's fault therefore isn't eligible for a rollback.
Rollback has been done this time, however any future rollback requests not caused by a server error might be denied.

If anything is missing make a list of items for a refund below

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Alright, thank you. Sorry, I didn't realize that was the way things were done. The rollback time was bit earlier than I should have put, I chose the wrong grave marker time )so sorry)

  • I am missing a few items, mainly:
  • 6 resonant machine frames (purchased on the market last night)
  • an RF sword, axe, and pickaxe given to me by whoever else was on that late last night for fixing his ME system (I think his name starts with a C?)
  • 2 nether cobalt and 2 nether Ardite (Ill just remake my pick I made last night myself)
  • 4 basic capacitors
  • 3 electric furnaces (as I was working on an alloy smelter)
  • and like a stack of Redstone that I had on me

So so so sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you so much. If the veracity of these requests comes into question, Ill give whatever info you need to prove I had those items 

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