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[Refund Request] Execute_66


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Your name: Execute_66

Item Name + Amount:
Poison stone (undying quality) x1

Stone of the Sea (undying quality) x1

Shield of Honor (undying quality) x1

Potion Ring of Regeneration (undying quality) x1

Ring of the Fairies (undying quality) x2

Dragon's Eye (undying quality) x1

Tide Guardian Boots purple (Enchantments: Advanced Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Advanced Mending, High Jump II, Light Weight III, Warming, Depth Strider III, Advanced Feather Falling IV) x1

Dragon Bone Axe (Enchantments: Reinforced Sharpness V, Subject Mathematics IV, Unbreaking III, Curse of Possession, Advanced Mending) x1

Enchanted Book: Curse of Possession x2, Purging Blade V x1

Dragon Bone Axe (Enchantments: Advanced Efficiency V, Advanced Mending, Unbreaking III) x1

Dragon Bone Pickaxe (Enchantments: Advanced Efficiency V, Advanced Mending, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch) x1

Dragon Bone Shovel

Shulker Box containing: Emerald Block x 128, Book x300, Paper x300

Grue Claw Level 3 x1

Geonach Spear Level 3 x1

60 Lvl

Coordinates: Southeast of x:13000 y:28000

Description of Issue: I was flying in the raid world using fairy ring and ender staff. The game lagged and chunks were not loading for a bit and then I instantly died. The death message said I suffocated in the wall, which usually at least takes time but this time it was an instant death. When i tried the /back command it didn't work, apparently "there was no place to go back to". I tried using grave scroll but ended up dying instantly again for the same reason. When I tried to find the place using compass and atlas I wasn't able to even though I was going in the same direction as I did the time I died. I cannot say for sure what coordinates are since I can't see them with compass cause when I go back I die instantly. I can only say what the coordinates are for the closest waystone since I activated it in a village moments before I died.




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