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[Refund Request]*Cataclysm_cat*


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Item Name + ID + Amount: 

-4 eye of ender

-2 magical wood

-1 eye of cyclops

-1 creative modifier

-1 ender dragon egg

Base coordinates: -2368, 80, -4793

Description of Issue: Trying to complete the quest menu.  I tried to make an earth talisman to progress and when I pulled it out of the crafting table, a messaged appeared with "This item is restricted! Reason: Protection Bypass".  As soon as the message appeared, all the items disappeared. I had gone through the banned items list and didn't find this one listed (though I might have missed it).  There are several banned items that keep players from finishing certain quests...is there a way to have permission during certain time frames where players can finish these quests and later have the items banned and removed?  It would be helpful to finish quests.

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