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[Complaint] (Snobyby)


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In-Game Nickname: Snobyby (and xx_marwanito_xx)


Your Nickname (optional): MisterZMann


Time and date: 08/29/21


Description of what happened: 

First, Snobyby requested a teleportation, I accepted without any dubts. Shortly after that, he dropped some items which I couldn't pick up. Items like bedrock and creative chests, I couldn't pick it up because were items from creative mode. Then after that, his friend xx_marwanito_xx joined too and tried to do the same.

They tried to place tnt and requested for town permission or unclaiming over and over again.

After refusing, they killed my friend and me and started to griefe around our town. They placed bedrock and tnt and tried to ignite it.


Screenshots or Proof:  https://imgur.com/a/qbrT7yJ


List of eyewitnesses: Geronimer, X_M22_X

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