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Unban ericsebb [Vainilla]


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[1] In-Game Username: ericsebb

[2] Details of Situation: Got banned for supposed "lagging to the server"

[3] Ban Category: 1st offense (no previous warn)

[4] Ban Duration: 1 hour

[5] Staff Member: MiniTermi77

[6] ScreenShots: From ban screen since I've never got a warn before this: https://discord.com/channels/226663534187118592/768743564913016833/884133159736864798

[7] Your Reason: MiniTermi banned me without any apparent reason, he was asking me about an exploit I didn't know, I couldn't answer quickly since the server WAS ALREADY SUFFERING LAG ISSUES, and then proceeded to ban me without any previous warn, and he didn't have anything to proof and all he's got was suspicions, this server was already suffering lag issues, and specially Pure Survival, the map wasn't updated since the Nether Update, making it unstable to new versions and probably heavy redstone mechanisms were built in the time being, another user has already been banned for this exact reason.

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