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Give me back the gm


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[1] In-Game Username: FGpro_Zed_PvP

[2] Details of Situation: They took the gm from me

[3] Ban Category: ''2'' No intentional harm to Server Integrity 

[4] Ban Duration: Without gm 1 month

[5] Staff Member: N3co_

[6] ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/xKME9SB

[7] Your Reason: N3co took off the gm for 1 month for breaking the integrity of the server, when my sanction shoul be 1 ban day

Links of rules (rule 6)


Screenshot of rule 6


CONCLUSION: They shouldn't have taken my gm from me and banned me for 1 day. This happened 1 week ago, so they should give me back the gm

Link of My ban list: https://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/history.php?uuid=f4c1777b-3ca9-4f10-848c-bc545df54445&from=bans

Some interesting facts: My gm was removed 1 month for having lagged the server 1 time, when in the rules it says that the 1st time in warn and the 2nd is ban.

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  • N3co_ locked this topic

Hi, I removed your gmc not because rule 6, and I talked to you about it via discord. It seems you want to omit some important things about your ban history and well, I will tell you. 

1. Your gmc was removed applying the rule 0, and via console. This is not your first time grifing the houses of other players, and in all the cases I talked to you first via discord, that's why you doesn't have more bans in your history. 
2. Is not the first time you abuse the comand. A lot of duped items I found was near to your houses or your location in the logs, but I didn't want to ban you because I though I was wrong. The day I found you abusing the gmc, you talked to friendly with me, and you agree of having the ban. And you had tell me this wasn't your first time. 

3. Recently I removed the gmc of other players permanent, and beacuse of your ban history, I decided to do it temporally and not permanent. Don't forget that, I didn't deleted permanently only beacuse you agree with the punish. 


This can't be treat as a Unban Request becuase you are not banned in the server. However, Unban Request Denied.  Your gmc will be added in September 30th. Next time won't be temporal.

T/C Topic Closed.

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