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Golem armour


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Item Name + ID + Amount: Golem armour set  ( enchants : curse of possession , advanced protection 4 , advanced mending 5 ( boots had advanced feather falling 4) there were more enchants but that's all i can remember 
Base Coordinates: -3930 , z , 1249
Description of Issue:

I lost golem armour to a guy called Aki so me and my friends were on the server and Aki came and started beating us up he had creative mode somehow because he took no damage when we fought back and he was flying without fairy wings and he killed all of us over and over he broke all of your armour , and then i had to suck his penis just so he wouldn't hurt my friends anymore and in chat he kept saying suck harder and it was so embarrassing i cried for weeks because if what he did and he hurt me a lot even in real life he hurt me that day , one of my friends used the runes i found to make me that armour and he enchanted for me too his name is ShadowSenpai but i lost everything because of Aki id there any way you can fix this i was humiliated in front of the whole server that day can you please fix this because i am still emotionally drained from what he did to me. He took everything from me i mean he completely destroyed me not just physically but emotionally also now i have nothing all because Aki killed us while in creative i mean its not fair if they have crate thy shouldn't be allowed to kill others for sport its just not right.so please is there anything you can do to help please i'm desperate now


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