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Item Name + ID + Amount: Hearty Dragons eye ( Punishing ) , Half hearted Stone of greater inertia ( Undying ) , Ankh Shield ( Shielding)
Base Coordinates: -3924 , z , 1246
Description of Issue: I don't know what happened in the raid world but i think it reset while i was in it because i instantly died for no reason like out of no where i died  if it weren't for SGamer then i would've lost everything buy thankfully he some hoe by a miracle he found my death point and most of my stuff and gave them back all i lost was some unimportant baubles but these 3 are ones i cant afford to loose at this time could i please get a refund on them , it doesn't matter if their not exactly the qualities they were before but as long i can get them back at some point in time it would definitely help , i cant point to what killed me i still don't know but it wasn't a dragon because my armour was not damaged at all and my dragons eye stopped me from burning but there went any flames , all i can think of was it reset while i was in the world because i knew there would be a reset but people on the server said that it would come in few hours but idk there isn't much that can insta kill me other than a really strong player nothing in the wild could have possibly killed me so ya. ( I know i didn't die from hunger or water because even if i loose all of those i don't loose hp)

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