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[unban] [logen_relogen]


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1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I got unbaned like 5 hours ago and someone just banned me again.

[3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:


[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

Well… Justice... and deprivation of admin rights

Acording to rules, I will must been banned for 2 days and ban category in this case will be dupe but he sayed sike and ban me forever. 

Story from my POV:

It all started when I found out that the turtleboy lives on a mountain near my house, I meet him and he immediately paralyzed me and threw me off the cliff with a spell, since I always  low of armor would have killed me if I had written home faster than i meet groud, after that I flew to his mountain and stole his axe from his hands and flew away, after several threats to burn the axe, I returned it, after that many people's swords began to disappear before restarting the server, or simply drop of hands, everyone immediately began to blame me, because who steal once will repeat the stealing future, there is not a single proof that I do that but there is a turtleboy with his friend, who I robbed and I will contiue robbing, no matter that literally anyone can drink the potion of invisibility and steal the goods.

After this incident, they found out that i have duped shulkers which I found in a stash and began to accuse me of being a duper, again without proof!

I received a permanent ban according to the rule 0, but I did not receive a any single proof of my guilt, and I did not receive a proof of the moderator's consent for a period that does not match the rules.

I turned to the admins with explanations about the ban and everything they answered in the rules is outdated information.
Like manager is same as admin.

Why did I make a hidden chest under the house? Because earlier the turtle leaked my coordinates to the chat and at the same moment a fucking gypsy camp came to my house because with the help of a bug you can open any chests in anybody's else private, it was a question of the safety of my bare ass.

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We already talked about it too many times already , I understand that you didn't want to get banned but you crossed the line too many times, there's no reason for making more unban requests as I don't agree with getting you, as for what you caused on the server ... You know what you did and there's no reason for excuses about it . I hope you understand it this time . Have a good day.

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