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Recipe Addition For Signalum


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Initially had a problem efficiently automating energetic alloy, the recipe for that was changed to be make-able in an induction smelter (Pyro+ Fluxed Electrum). Signalum has the same basic issue, if an alternate recipe for use in a machine aside from alloy smelter could be created, that would be great. Thanks, Mem

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As HappyN0x said it can be made in the crafting grid using metal dusts and bucket of destabilized redstone, this recipe can be automated using ME fluid asseblers.

Energetic alloy recipe was added because the only other alternative is buggy alloy smelter which is inconsistent and borderline unsuitable for automation and arc furnace, which is hard to fully automate because of the needed arc furnace electrodes.

Signalum doesn't have such issues and is easy to automate, the recipe won't be added.

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