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My Saber ;-;


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Item Name + ID + Amount: My God Saber (enchanted)
Base Coordinates: -3924 , z , 1246
Description of Issue:

I think my games messed up in the head at this point and it probably hates me too.

I just lost a God Saber that I've been working to getting for ages seriously my friend Oskiko4 and I collected all the books for this I already did have some but seriously it took a lot time to find these and trade with villagers we found in the raid world it also took so many Xp tomes to make this and I was soooo excited to use it , what happened pissed me off so much. my friend offered himself so i can test the Saber I took 1 swing and my game crashed seriously and when I relogged back in turns out my friend was fine but i had died because he had all my stuff turns out i died from idk what killed me because i had fricking golem armour my game I think just hates me at this point we cant make another we are clean out of emeralds and Xp and the books too please we worked so hard to make this now all I got is my old halberd which is good but not that good idk why my game crashed can you check is any of those enchants are bad ones i was just trying to go by recommendations in enchants for a Saber given by other people but i still don't know why it killed me and the saber was gone when i relogged it didn't drop well it didn't drop pickable my friend said he saw the saber on the ground but it wasn't anywhere i could see but i think it was glitched because he couldn't pick it up same happened to him earlier with his weapon too like i was it but it wasn't able to be picked up and only one that could see his one was me but he couldn't see it so please please can we get a refund because we worked so hard to make it. We worked so much to make it buying books from people but the hardest to find was the rune enchants i had 3 of them but they are not the easiest to find and we struggled so much trying to get the things to make a strong weapon so please can anyone help us we can't find all this stuff and the xp to make another so can we please get our original one back im sorry for bothering you just my game hates me soo much  

God Saber (2).png

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