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Spawn Shop for Twilight Stuff could get real for SF4

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Hi guys, i made some Screenshots of all items from the twilight (don't wonder, i using Soartex Fanver for Modded Servers) to ask all of you guys what items should get selled at the spawn if they make a Spawn Shop for Twilight items to prevent going in the twilight and lagging or crashing the server, or maybe to disable the twilight.


now it's on you guys, pick the items you would have if a spawn shop comes for twilight stuff and the price for them, like for example "1 naga spawn egg for 500$"
pls list the items like i made the example and list it under this post or cut the items from the screen and make a picture of the items if you don't know the items and post it...


and PLS DO NOT ENTER THE TWILIGHT IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE ITEMS!, then go to single player, go in gm 1 there and search for the item(s) in the creative menu, some items can't get sold, like the mini naga yard or the thorns from the castle or the imaginary not here sword, etc.


if you guys don't decide, then don't cry when your fav. item isn't sold at spawn if a spawn shop comes, you had the decision in this post, we need everyone of you to decide, pls don't waste your voice, decide now in this post!

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post for crafterzoey, she choosed those items/blocks (marked in red lines):

so basically her favs are spawn eggs and the deco blocks and saplings, for prices i need to wait for an answer from her.

edit: her answers for the prices:

50 for 64 saplings?

1k for a spawn egg? I have not seen the other shops but should be fair?

750 for a stack of any of the metal blocks? They are only about as good as iron in terms of armour and weapons anyway

250 for the giant lily pad?

1k for each of the giant door pieces?

250 for a stack of arorea?

50 for a stack of maze stone?

are these too cheap or? idk what i am doing

500 for the smoke stuff, 750 for the glow worm queen

100 for a stack of any of the misc plants left over?

75 for the transformation powder. that shouldnt be expensive atleast

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