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Inventory roll back

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Your name: Baits201

Coordinates: XYZ: 23/56/330

Time/Date: 11:30 AM May 22, 2022

Description of issue: I was playing just fine around 11 in the morning eastern time and I decide to play again and when I do load up into assassins craft I just don't have my stuff i'm also aware of the 6 month thing that'll delete your stuff but I was offline for 6 months lol




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Rely to what I lost:


Scythe armor (helmet, chest plate, leggings, boots)

485 gold blocks

Shadow armor (leggings, chestplate, shadow head) (midas boots)

fully enchanted diamond sword

Fully enchanted diamond axe with fire aspect 2


38 notch apples

scythes clock

fully enchanted bow 


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