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[Suggestion] Adding items to entity-clear blacklist

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Several mechanics are difficult to engage with, as they require items to be thrown on the ground for a period of time; the items disappear quickly and cause costly, time consuming loss for no reason. Specifically, enchanting with mana requires multiple items to be thrown on the ground, same with mana tablets in mana pools and terrasteel.

Could we please get the following items added to the blacklist, so they don't vanish while dropped on the ground:

- Enchanted book 403 (all enchanted books; I don't know if plugin can be toggled to ignore nbt/metadata data)
- Manasteel 4594 | Mana Pearl 4594:1 | Mana Diamond 4594:2 | Terrasteel Ingot 4594:4 (these items need to be dropped on the ground to form terrasteel)
- Mana tablet 4598, Mana Tablet 4598:1 - Mana Tablet 4598:1000 (mana tablets have different name depending on their level of fullness, the value ranges from 0-1000. I don't know if ranges are possible to be added)
- Band of mana 4624, 4624:0-4624:1000 | Greater Band of mana 4626, 4626:0 - 4626:1000 (same as above)

Please, and thank you.


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