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Suggestion to add Medieval MC [FABRIC] 1.19.2 & 1.18.2| CalyxCorolla

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Friendly suggestion to add this specific modpack to the server list. Me and my friends have tried to find servers hosting this specific pack and only one server exists that hosts this modpack currently and some of us are having ping issues there. Would love to see this modpack and play it on this server and it would also draw people like me trying to play it to come and play. Its a very decent modpack with origins, tons of stuff to do in it so I suggest people who see this post to actually try it out once before shutting my suggestion down.

Edited: Didnt realize there was a template.

Your name: 

Name of the game you're suggesting: 
Medieval MC [FABRIC] 1.19.2 & 1.18.2

Game Description: 
Its a modpack based on exploration with tons of unique dungeons, mobs with a magic/mana system. It also has Mythical Origins, thirst and temperature systems similar to rlcraft and tons of different bosses. Here is a copy of the list:

Type Of Game:

Medieval Fantasy Adventure & Exploration RPG Style Gameplay

Link to Modpack:


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Didnt realize there was a template
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Medival minecraft!! Ive seen this bring played by ironmouse and connor (big twitch streamers). It looked so fun specially with origins making it even more fun but theres like only 1 server running it and connection is unstable wew. 

Would actually be really cool if it could be added, lagless medival mc sounds really fun

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