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[Complaint] (Kaszanka_1234)

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In-Game Nickname: Kaszanka_1234


Your Nickname (optional): Oozoozami


Time and date: 4/27/2020-5/12/2023


Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

I'm kind of hesitant to post this complaint because I don't feel like it'll be heard given this is how Kasz has always been and yet he got promoted to be a manager. I was a staff member a few years ago and I started in Infinity Evolved. I was young and had a ton of real-life problems such as struggling with homelessness. That led to me not being able to devote as much time as I wanted as staff. As well, I was just starting out as a staff member and didn't really know what I was doing. This led Kasz to resent me and harass me whenever he could. He "had me sent" over to the Tekkit servers. Over on the Tekkit servers, I actually learned how to staff correctly under good guidance from Mikewerf, dragonslayer, and I forget if it's 3xj or eytixis, I think the ladder. Unfortunately, my family problems got way worse and that led to me being inactive for a very long time. Years later when I rejoined the server in the past 6 or whatever months, I continue to be harrassed. One of my first few hours rejoining the server this past week on the new wipe was a message from a staff member saying "Ohh you're BigBadOozi" which after a very lovely short talk I learned where he learned about me, mostly Kasz, and what was said, just sour negative things. Kasz's pettiness and obsession of me has gone too far when YEARS later, I am getting messaged by a random staff member saying all of this. I've always tried to play nice and be reasonable with Kasz but he's always been so obsessed over the past, I even went so far as to try to send him a thoughtful message about how I wish we could move on, which was greeted with unpleasantries (as shown in the screenshot). As well, I was interacting in the community chat on Discord and Kasz, out of pettiness, shut me down claiming that I was spamming when my message was over 10 minutes apart (as shown in the screenshot). Lastly, Sugar and I both made a ticket about our characters being bugged. Kasz replied directly to me talking about my issue in discord chat. He was also online as we were talking about it and experiencing it in chat. Jebac also told us that we were both going to get fixed but they were going to start with Sugar. There is no way he could've missed it but as of writing this message, Sugar got fixed and I am still bugged (we both have the exact same problem) 36 minutes after Sugar had already gotten fixed. Out of pettiness and past resentment, he ignored me completely and has left me bugged even though he was fully aware and capable of fixing both of our problems at the same time since we have the exact same problem. 
I should not be hearing about Kasz spreading negativity years past when anything happens.  

Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)


List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)



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Adding onto this complaint, after talking to EffGod about how I don't want to discuss the issue any further and how I feel like my issue is getting ignored, Kasz and I had a short convo where I was very polite and he timed me out after being very respectful because previously I was speaking out against him and was being "bitchy". If this is how people are treated for speaking out against being harrassed by a manager, then the staff needs a serious rework. 

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