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  1. Please use the proper template:
  2. Your Name: BigBadOoziItem Name + ID + Amount: 5 stage 3 Dragon Skulls (4484) 1 stage 4 Dragon Skull (4484) 1 stage 5 Dragon Skull (4484) No matter the stage it is at, it seems they all have the same id so if you can't get the correct stage, don't worry about it.Coordinates: X = -6 Z = -2114Description of Issue: I went inactive for a few weeks with my dragon skulls hung up as trophies in my claimed throne room. Once I returned, they were all gone. I checked all the chests and my teammate's inventory.Screenshots (Optional):
  3. This is the incorrect forum and layout, please fill out a refund request for your lost items.
  4. Your Name: SarkazyCoordinates: N/ATime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 3:50 AM, GMT+1, 1/8/20Description of Issue: I put my flux infused set in a vibrant capacitor bank and then it disappeared. I do not remember the enchants. I destroyed the bank but I can't turn it on again, as if there is a bottomless chest in which items disappear.Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: OozoozamiItem Name + ID + Amount: Dragon's Eye + 5346 + 1Coordinates: No coords for thisDescription of Issue: Shortly after I died, a lag spike happened ending with the dragon eye disappearing.Screenshots (Optional): Screenshot of when I had the item-
  6. Do you remember what you had in your bag/what you want back from the bag? If so, I'd suggest filing a refund request instead.
  7. As you were found innocent, I apologize for banning you. It seems that you were victim to another exploiter that made it look like you had spawned in an item. Ban has been lifted.
  8. I am a vampire and it is essential for vampires to have retractable roofs.
  9. I want the "drawbridge" block to be put back into the mod pack. As of now, it is on the restricted items listed (deleted from the mod pack) because it has the potential to dupe. I want it back in for the following reason: 1. I want to make a retractable/extendable roof For this reason, I think we can find a way to work around the dupe bug as we've done with other items and add it back into the game.
  10. Sorry for the confusion, problem has been resolved (Topic was moved to Network Complaints)
  11. What server is this? Please put this in that servers' respective complaint section. For example, this is a link to infinity evolved's complaint subforum: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/214-complaints/
  12. If you are looking to get a more exact 'refund' of your items, I'd suggest filling out a inventory rollback request. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/29543-template-inventory-rollback-request/ If items are disappearing from your chests, I would also fill out a town rollback request. https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/18040-template-town-rollback-request/
  13. I've personally checked and here are the 5 sites that are listed in both /ifo vote and /vote, concluding the minecraft bitz link is not in the list https://ftbinfinityevolved.serversox.com/server/564/ftb-infinity-evolved-by- https://ftbservers.com/server/Js1nfIIs/vote https://minecraft-mp.com/server/138892/vote/ https://minecraft-server-list.com/server/374341/vote/ https://minecraftservers.org/vote/395735 I believe your problem lies from when you extracted the sites from shortened link; I suggest you click on the links in game, thus directly opening them up.
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