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  1. I've personally checked and here are the 5 sites that are listed in both /ifo vote and /vote, concluding the minecraft bitz link is not in the list https://ftbinfinityevolved.serversox.com/server/564/ftb-infinity-evolved-by- https://ftbservers.com/server/Js1nfIIs/vote https://minecraft-mp.com/server/138892/vote/ https://minecraft-server-list.com/server/374341/vote/ https://minecraftservers.org/vote/395735 I believe your problem lies from when you extracted the sites from shortened link; I suggest you click on the links in game, thus directly opening them up.
  2. T/C Closing forum due to the request being from last map
  3. Please ignore this request.
  4. Your Name: OozoozamiCoordinates: -3411 41 457 (as of now)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10 AM PSTDescription of Issue: This guy with creative mode put me into creative without my consent or anything. He also altered my claim and commonly teleported me around, which I thought was all fun and games. I presumed he was an admin since he could alter my claim, put me in creative mode, teleport me around without anything in his inventory, etc. I also mentioned how he was jerking me around and into the void when there was another admin around so that concreted my belief that he was an admin. Now I think he is a hacker. (I'll be posting this incident on a report) That was earlier today and ever since I've been periodically losing items with the message saying that creative people cannot give items to non sponsors. I think this means that, since I went into creative (I spawned absolutely nothing in), the game thinks that all my items from that time were spawned in. For example, when I tried to give my friend one of those falsely accused, legitimate, items it sent him the message that sponsors cannot give creator items to players. I didn't lose much I think; I only lost a golden bag of holding with who knows what, a cane sword, and a glider, all things I can easily get back. I simply just don't want any more items to disappear like the golden bags of holding with all my witchery stuff in it. Screenshots (Optional): These are some screenshots that I took after a couple things had disappeared if they help whatsoever, right before my glider disappeared and after my cane sword and golden bag of holding disappeared.
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