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Pls fix DW20 1.19 Server

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Hi, I rly like playing on the server but the last 2 weeks the server gets more and more issues, crashes, lags all the time. Its rly frustrating to wait 30 minutes for the server to start after a crash and sometimes the server doesnt even start for hours. There is no staff/manager taking care of the server. I already told the staffs a week ago that I have a broken chunk right behind my base which keeps crashing the server and no1 is taking care of it. I spent 50€ on the server and I want to asume its just fair for the other players and me who spent money on it to work properly. It kinda feels like a joke. If this goes on with the crashes and the fact that no1 takes care about tickets, issues with the server Im gonna quit and get a refund from paypal. 

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Server is running much better now. One of the moderators finally got the permissions necessary to start fixing things. The player who was repeatedly griefing spawn, and lagging the server with his massive Integrated Dynamics setup, has been banned. The removal of part of his base has massively improved server performance.  As of yesterday, we're just waiting for spawn to be fixed.

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