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[Ftb] List Of Available Cracked Launchers


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As many of you, like i previously did; have problems and issues with some cracked FTB launchers that make you unable to play. Most of the time its just an outdated launcher or java conflicts/errors.


A) Here is a list of some launchers i came by.


1. http://data.pupax.me/FTBLauncherCracked/16/FTB_Launcher-1.4.5-16.jar


2. http://dl.hackphoenix.com/download/ftb/


3. http://dropcrack.com/lnc/fd/CrackedFTBLuancherML.rar




All of them are compatible with all clients. Mac, Windows not sure about linux.


B) IF they still do not work then resort to updating your java here:




Java 7 is the minimum requirement to play FTB, Build 60 and onward. Java 8 is unstable with FTB.


The server currently requires mod pack version 1.01 and maybe 1.02 should it be stable.

Select the mod pack version in the top tab list of the launcher and in the drop down menu click the version.

IN settings increase your RAM (Random Access Memory) To make better performance.


If the launcher gives you troubles while in game, change the video settings to make it better and add optimization arguments in the settings field of the FTB launcher which enhances game play 10x.


C) If the launcher still does not work Resort to this link:



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