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Here is a list of the methods that you can use if you ever need to reset your IP from various reasons:


     1. For those who have a modem with dynamic IP its relatively easy, meaning you just have to restart the modem and it will reassign a new IP.

     2. For those who have a modem with static IP choose one of the following methods, depending on which one seems easier to do for you:

              a. Change your IP using a VPN software and install that and change your IP using the software...

              b. Change your IP using the cmd prompt. For this you need to follow these steps:

                               - Open cmd prompt by going in the start menu and type in the search bar cmd or by pressing the windows logo and the R and then type in that box cmd and press enter;

                               - After you opened the cmd prompt type ipconfig and press Enter (this shows you your current IP address);

                               - Then type ipconfig /release and press Enter (this will "get rid" of your current address);

                               - Next type  ipconfig /renew and press Enter (this will get you a new IP address);

                               - Now to check if it worked type again  ipconfig and press Enter (if it didnt change your IP redo the steps above).


I hope this helps the players that get bugged by doing mystcrap... mostly on FTB:D

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