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End Reset


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Hello. As you may know the end gets very messy after a few weeks: griefed buildings, lots of useless protections, and the dragon is gone. I suggest that once a week, maybe friday, the end gets reset. The only downside of this is that people can't make enderpearl farms, but honestly, it's not that hard to kill endermen, just go somewhere 2 blocks tall. The benefits would be that the end looks much cleaner and more people get a chance to kill the dragon.


I hope you take this into consideration :) I think it's for the best

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Ok then, if not a full wipe at least re-spawn the dragon every week for other people to kill. I don't know if you can or will bother to put those beacon things that heal him back, but at least spawn the dragon.

The thing is that you can't build almost anywhere in the end. People(mostly slashlife) have protections everywhere, even though they're useless.

A poll might be useful for this, but i doubt i should be the one making it.

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