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Well, I think that it can be a good idea put new things in the shop, more exactly in the shop of the web, I think that assasing creed is the most game mode player or the second, first is skywars but i dont know, so is the first or second mode more played and there is only VIP, Premium, Sponsor (100 euros that is not normal omg, I know that is for all servers but 100 euros is not normal) and some kits that omg one kit that give yo some potions 5 or 15 euros I  think that there are so less things in the shop and very expensives.


Why you dnot put more things like this: 


(Only examples)


Commando Fly 1 month (3 - 5 euros? not more)

10000$ "iron" ( 2- 4 euros?)

Book protection X or sharpness X thats things OP (10 euros and that is to much)

Or Book Proteccion VII or sharpness VII that things (5 - 7 euros and is to much)

5 stacks of food "the food is VERY importat in ac v1" (2 euros is fine...)

You can create a special warp in which you can buy rare items and you have to buy acces to that warp in weeks or in month like: 1 week acces special warp (5 - 10 depends of the content of that warp)


I dont know are only ideas, I like the server but when you have all you have nothing to do, you can put too another shop (in-game) in which you can buy another objects, like a apple with Sharpness 4 (okno) just put new things, is always the same.


But not only in shop, also the mods and admins has to do events in game, the builders build new citys new places that all things


If i were the owner of the server I will change and put new things in all servers, specialy in the most played game modes, I know that is not easy to bring up a server but is important to always have new things to add, because if not, the people stop playing the game because they get borried.


Please considerate this post.


Thx for your time.

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in my opinion I think that this would be to ruin the game because the protecction x and these things so op's would not allow to play the players not  vips (not ranks) WTF xd , also buy the fly for 3 or 5 euros.... lol already annoying is the sponsors player who make fly pvp


well, that's my opinion, wait for more opinions of others ^^

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I agree with imanchiz a bit cuz i mean like sponser is... 100 EUROS and that is very expensive how ever the fly idea is not bad at all but its too cheap and if everyone has fly people are gonna be too op so we could still have the fly think but i think to get it you need to record server get 200+ views and pay 4 euros to get fly one month how does that sound?? and btw we  need more player shops  in ac v1



I think Imanchiz have very good ideas a suggestions for the server. he deserves some fudge xDDD

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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