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Assassins V1 Suggestions


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A greeting in advance, this suggestion brings 3 goals,

1- Server AssassinsV1 has many shops and all are occupied, it would be good restart of shops where some see that there is nothing in them so others can sell there as there are users who occupy shops sell nothing b ..

2-'ve seen several post's relatively to this and is creating new cities or new parkours, well I offer myself as I know they do a lot of users to collaborate in the construction of cities or parkours .. This is because the majority of users already know all cities and all parkours and it gets boring.

3-The third and final suggestion would be to place Assassins V1 cooldown to hiddenblade because there are people who abuse it, and like as in the spawn is not pvp area, can launch the hb in this, you can launch the smoke: /

Thank you for your attention and greetings!



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