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Hey guys i just have a few issues, that i need help with.


Basically i created my own ModPack, that is based on WW3, it has all kinds of mods and well i was working on a test server to show Brunyman in case he is interested in hosting it here.


The problem i face is as follows.


 ~Basically i got the ModPack finished and it was all ready to be compressed and uploaded.~

 ~This is how it looks once it has been patched up and finalized for the upload to dropbox.~

 ~This is the folder i finalize, minus the extra nuclear-revolution folder inside it~




 ~This is the folder once i download it with the technic launcher.~

 ~The launcher fails to load the mods and runs MC1.6.4 vanilla.~

 ~Because all the mods and coremods are stored in the duplicate folder in the modpack folder.~

 ~This folder is somehow made by technic, it appears somehow and causes vanilla.~




 ~I dont know where the error is, but it is either in the way i'm packing it, or how its downloaded~

 ~So the error either lies in the way i packed it or in technic's launcher for downloading it wrong~

 ~DropBox sharing link attached down below~




 ~This is how i get the direct download link for the mod file and give it to the modpack to use.~



 ~This is the ModPack page, how it is right now, and with the appropriate download link for the pack.~





Anyone know why it downloads it this way?


Here is a simple breakdown:


Official modpack directory = Users/Andrew Shaw/.technic/modpacks/nuclear-revolution

What it does when installed:

Users/Andrew Shaw/.technic/modpacks/nuclear-revoultion/bin, macosx, etc/nuclear-revolution


The launcher makes a duplicate folder inside the actual folder, this duplicate folder contains the mods.

Thus the launcher cannot find the mods and runs 1.6.4 vanilla, because everything is in a duplicate folder.


It basically just downloads the pack into one folder, and then all the mods/files in a duplicate folder within it.

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