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  1. A couple of suggetions

    Number 2 is a good suggestion, lots of trolls claim a long line of chunks then set the perms so outsiders get teleport out. Number 1 needs a little more refining and added security for it to work. Genesis Corporation is building its own banking system and since you're one of its clan members, why not join the development?
  2. Trouble with some Players

    Extremely salty dude this guy was, I killed him 1) In unclaimed land 2) After a restart 3) Way after the situation has been finished 4) Right after he started a war with me. Since then he just keeps spamming chat trying to roast me, but failing miserably That picture you see there is me getting fed up with him telling me that he'll get Coasterrider1 to ban me, disrupting business transactions ingame. The guy friend joke you see there didn't originally come from me but from the numerous people who started bashing on him after getting fed up with his salty behavior that was ruining chat. Nukelar bears witness to this and HeroGer here decided to make this senseless forum post after Nukelar denied to punish me seeing that there is no reason to You should chill more HeroGer, that's all I can say.
  3. Account Name: Dumblore Town Name: Genesis_Laboratories Coordinates: X -3065 Y 6 Z 1689 Date & Time to be rollbacked: Saturday Evening 6/17/17 22:00 +8 GMT Issue: Griefed by BigBaconMan, shared alt account of Lily and PainFul___ (They have already been dealt with accordingly by the staff, so I'm not making a complaint post anymore) Screenshots:
  4. Rollback Request

  5. Idea for Clan Advertisement on Forums!

    Although I believe we're working together as of this moment :D, May the best clan thrive!
  6. Idea for Clan Advertisement on Forums!

    +1 , loved how you mentioned our clan name :D, also a discord channel for clan recruitment would be great
  7. I was talking about this one, and yes, I've developed a security system to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for the advice.
  8. Rollback Request

    Account Name: Dumblore Details: I would like to request for a rollback with correlation to the recent incident on 2 of my clan's (GCorp) bases, where the clan's processing plant's ME Drives has been stolen, the buildings punctured with holes, and the machines missing. More information and screenshots can be seen in the post made by Ouji: Coords: -3091 1706 Date of Rollback to: Monday, January 23
  9. member syaing he can dupe

    I can vouch for that, he gave me 2 stacks of legendary keys last wipe, I accepted it because he was on baltop back then, but I was having my suspicions
  10. Block Logging Plugin?

    As we were trying to ask staff to investigate who caused the recent raid on 2 different towns of our clan, we were met with this answer: It is quite shocking to find out that one of the most basic staff tools are not present in the server? I suggest adding a block logging plugin to help future cases similar to ours.
  11. Erm, do you have any idea what you're talking about?
  12. May we request a rollback? This incident happened not one just one but on two of our clan's main bases.
  13. [bUG] Server crash

    Block breakers are needed to automate glowstone and processing of gem ores. Please don't remove it, just restrict items being placed into it.