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  • Factions Survival Server Update Details

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    Hello dear minecrafters,

    The factions survival server is complete, so it's time to tell you guys what we did and what changes took place during the testing period.


    • Added Vampires (more details below)
    • Added Faction Mobs (more details below)
    • New Server Spawn
    • Full server wipe
    • New maps
    • Added new donation perks (Donation Shop)
    • Removed the money cost to claim land

    The server was almost 100% rebuilt, and updated to 1.7.9.

    Server Features:

    • Factions for protection and team play
    • Faction mobs for epic faction wars
    • Vampires for more fun
    • Dynmap - live server maps
    • Traders - Server and player traders
    • Economy mainly based on emeralds
    • To claim land you only need faction power, also used to spawn faction mobs.
    • Damage holograms and health bars.

    Changes after the testing period:

    • You can claim or unclaim others faction land but only if theres a member of that faction online and the faction power is lower then the number of chunks faction have.
    • Added a fee to declare war to another faction $5000.
    • Added a starter kit, it's free only a time cooldown /kit starter
    • Added PvP tags, so don't leave the server if you are engaged in a PvP Combat.

    The Spawn Town



    Factions Commands and details: Click here!

    Vampires Features, commands and details: Click Here!

    Faction mobs details: Click here!

    Become a mighty Faction!

    EU Host: mc.craftersland.net

    US Host: play.craftersland.us

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