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  • Pixelmon Server Released! (Pokemon Arche)

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    Hello Crafter's,

    Today I'm proud to announce that Pokemon Arche, our pixelmon server is up and running, and is available to join. For those who don't know, pixelmon is simply pokemon in minecraft, where you can battle gym leaders, catch pokemon, craft pokeballs and more. You do not need premium to join, we are one of the few cracked servers out there.


    • New Gyms Every Week!
    • Riding and flying enabled!
    • Custom Plugins
    • PokeChest Loots
    • Boss'
    • Crate Loots
    • A Fair Legendary Respawn Rate!
    • Keep Inventory true
    • PVP Disabled
    • Cracked Support!


    Useful Links & Addresses:


    IP: pixel.archepvp.com

    USA: Coming Soon!

    Vote for us:


    We are very far away from our donation goal this month, it's almost over and we only got 40%. Anything will help us, if you can't donate, voting every day helps us a lot, especially with a pixelmon server! We appreciate every little gesture.

    I want to try get the pokemonarche.com domain name, but can't afford it right now

    :P. So, for now, PvP = Pokemon vs Pokemon ;)


    Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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    Hey I went on and its saying i need FML/Forge
    ​So I got Forge 1.8.9 and it didnt work I tried adding on FML 1.8 also

    I did the client install because the other option was server install, did i mess up there or on the version that I downloaded. 

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