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  1. Premium transfer?

    Hello, I dont know in what section to post this, so im sorry by forehand, but i would wish to transfer my premium+ from DW20 1.7 to the new 1.10 modpack, Thankyou in advance. Greetz ~In_Real_Life
  2. FTB Direwolf20 Server Old Map Download

  3. More Claim chunks for towns

    Hello, as i was claiming a village today, i noticed a claim restriction to the amount of chunks i could claim, i get that it cant be unlimited, but can it be brought up to 15 or so for premium / premium+ players? ( I require 15 chunks for the full village (( And for it being a square ) Thats why im asking. Kind regards, In_Real_Life.
  4. Skyblock Plugin Issue

    Sadly, i cannot give you an answer to this, since i havent been playing minecraft for over a month now, before that it was good, so in the last couple of weeks.
  5. Skyblock Plugin Issue

    Welp, This issue really needs to get fixxed, i mean its hard for me to play thisway as i dont have a island, or do i? http://prntscr.com/ecft83
  6. Update To DW20 pack for 1.10 ?

    the world has to be reset, so nothing will break since there is nothing.
  7. Update To DW20 pack for 1.10 ?

    Hello, Thanks for the fast reply, I'd say we replace it, since you've done it every time, Sponge and bukkit arnt all that diffrent, So, it could even be that you only have to change a bit of code, i know this will require some work, and i totally respect the work you put into it, so i knew it wasnt a 1day thing to get it to work. p.s. If it comes to it, im also up for beta testing IF you need a tester. Greetz ~In_Real_Life
  8. Update To DW20 pack for 1.10 ?

    So i was just wondering, Any plans for an update to DW20 for minecraft 1.10? its been out for a while, and would love to enjoy that version on this server. Greetz ~In_Real_Life