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  1. When the Lava Tank is drained it begins to fill with water, It is because it is directly next to the water tank in spawn, if you separate them if should not happened anymore.
  2. CallmeDaddyBabyG Draconic flux capacitor 5658:1 5PM GMT 1/3/17 Put my capacitor in an ender chest which gets auto extracted into the Me system, Came home and it is not in the syste, No evidence sorry.
  3. I am claiming around my town and there is a town called RDNZ with one member called RDNZ, he has been gone for 2 months and i was told 1 month is the requirement for a town delete. Coords x=-565 z=-1446. Thanks in advance if you cannot.
  4. Threw my Sword on the floor and it disapeared. 10:00PM GMT ish, item id 5623. In game name is CallMeDaddyBabyG
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