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  1. Account Name(you): Gwaryan Town name in question(case sensitive): SuperTown Coordinates: X = 3392 y = 117 z = 3539 Town members: supergoten Reason for request: blocking me from town expansion in one direction
  2. Server Down

    DW20 server is down with connection error connection timed out Current time 5:46 P.M. 6/29/2017 Eastern Standard Time (gmt -5 hours) Down for atleast the last hour
  3. and to answer your question quagma yes i have the right server i made sure to double check
  4. thanks brunyman now the only thing i am missing is the keys that come with my rank but again thank you
  5. after the reset everything was reset how do i go about regaining my donor perks (money land plots etc)? any help you can give would be greatly appreciated Ign: Gwaryan