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  1. uhhh I cant say for sure but I think it was obsidian handle manyulynn head and binding max redstone, silk touch, maxed lapis (or nearly) ,extra slot, auto repair and diamond
  2. Your Name: XRedSlimeXItem Name + ID + Ammount: Manyullyn Pickaxe (Selfmade Tinkers Construct) x1Coordinates: around 4177,1273,55Description of Issue: I accidentally auctioned my pickaxe and it came back as wooden pickaxe, Zach refered me to make a refund requestScreenshots (Optional): 2019-03-28-1.log
  3. In-Game Nickname: NorseMyths Time and date: 02-03-2019 : 00:55:24 (CET) Description of what happened: (In chronological order) In a span of around 3-4 hours I said like 3 swearwords (Probably fuck, once cunt to Lewis and " Shit crate" because I didnt get any thing usefull Then at 0.55 Norse warned me and when I asked to clarify when and what words I used he denied me proof. and refused to talk about it, saying he would mute me if I continued the topic. Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) (Got log instead) List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) MrBrown Shadowdragonne 2019-03-02-1.log
  4. Greetings, I changed my username from XGreSlimeX to XRedSlimeX and now it looks like my account has been reset. All of my stuff is gone, I lost my /home, I lost my town and all of my waypoints. Please help me.
  5. The land is claimed, I am the owner of the town. Jos is just a resident but gm1
  6. Greetings, Twice now we've experienced a permission bug on thaumcraft stuff. The bug says the recharge pedestal cannot be accessed because the owner is: Josephmcleod15 I placed it but neither RedHamsterGaming or I can access it. Josephmcleod15 (Witch) has gamemode 1 and we dont. we fairly made all the items. What should we do?
  7. Your Name: XGreSlimeXItem Name + ID + Ammount: Horn of the Huntsman x 1 - Crimson Knight Spawn Egg x 1Coordinates: Around x: -1221 z: 724Description of Issue: Used Egg and Horn in town which had spawn mobs off... Lost both items to spawn the entities.Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Greetings, I used the horn in my town which doesnt allow mobs.. but now I lost the horn because technically it did spawn.. How can I get it back?
  9. Greetings, for a while now (even before the wipe) I experienced a bug with Computercraft and Big Reactors. When I hook up the modem of Computercraft on the Big reactor (connected to my computer too). When I leave the area and return (aka unload the chunk) and I go to my computer it says that the modem isnt connected with the reactor, when I go and check it is connected. I have to right click the modem on the reactor twice (disconnect and connect) for it to work again. The reactor isnt that close to my base so its quite the pain in the ass.
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