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  1. A little problem with chickens

    Whats your ign? and get on the server.
  2. A little problem with chickens

    I could try, lemme load in first
  3. Was this after trying to return in the portal?
  4. [Player Data Transfer] kageswithane2

    Thanks a lot burny the only thing that I don't have is being werewolf/vampire
  5. So I'm trying to change my name to my name I use for most things Ashton1305, would it be posable to transfer data from kageswithane2 to Ashton1305?(As well as Judge rank if posable) Proof Of Ownership:https://imgur.com/a/TNpkW
  6. Music (Piano)

    I'm trying to upload piano its just not that frequent
  7. island rollback request

    I'm pretty sure a rollback is not for mistakes you make. correct me if I'm wrong
  8. [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    Thank you a lot!
  9. Do You Play Any Instruments?

    I play piano and I wanna try guitar next year
  10. [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    but id still buy it for the a high price because Ive been needing it for a longgg time
  11. [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    I think your right but still some things on the shop re just outragesly expensive
  12. [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    id say twice that
  13. Shop Item Request

    obsideon totem is obtainable I just found out how to get it
  14. [Sf2.5] New Shop Item

    I think you should add koboldite Nuggets 6063:149 to the shop because many goblins wont trade with me and them mining doesn't work.maybe just a semi high price because there soo hard to get.
  15. YouTuber Rank - ChaoticKillerYT

    ima try to find some recording softwere and try to acualy upload some minecraft

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