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  1. Im pretty sure you have to craft some stuff or something for it to unlock
  2. @JonathanB425 Restart your game im pretty sure should fix it, when it happened to me it didn't let me do commands or anything either
  3. that is a good point but, I don't wanna get into something I know nothing about
  4. sorry I'm probably interfering but I've read plenty of books were they have done something really had then make up for it and become the person that waves everyone,but I do kinda agree with you
  5. I mean most the time(not all) when I talk to him he never talks about anything that breaks the rules or really anything bad.
  6. Maybe someone could code a mod just for translating chat
  7. Thanks a lot burny the only thing that I don't have is being werewolf/vampire
  8. So I'm trying to change my name to my name I use for most things Ashton1305, would it be posable to transfer data from kageswithane2 to Ashton1305?(As well as Judge rank if posable) Proof Of Ownership:https://imgur.com/a/TNpkW
  9. I'm trying to upload piano its just not that frequent
  10. I'm pretty sure a rollback is not for mistakes you make. correct me if I'm wrong
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