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  1. As a wonderful end-game thaumaturge that started collecting butterflies cos got bored, i would say that a fresh start is needed. Not only the server is laggin and strugglin to stay up running, the economy system itself is dead and with not much sense rn. I got milions ffs. #votewipe
  2. Account Name: MrBrown Town name: / Character name : Wolf Server: Dw20 1.7 Coordinates: x: -3694, z: -315, y: 70 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 10 days Description of Issue: i got griefed at my bee area in my base and since i cant spawn back in everything i had there cos o similar id ingame, i'm asking for a rollback of my bee area ONLY. the rest of the base was not griefed *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  3. the problem with bees is that they got the same id ingame, so i cant even spawn them in. Same for genetic samples and genetic template
  4. Your Name: MrBrownItem Name + Amount: 30 Empowering queen, 1 Nexsus queen, 1 pure queen, 4 Blizzy queen, 4 Gelid queen, 2 Imperial queen, 3 Yellorium queen, 1 Genetic template (13/13 genes) (species: empowering, Ignore day/night: true, flowers: node, speed: faster, cave dwelling: true, effect: none, lifespan: longest, territory: average, umidity tollerance: both 2, fertility: 3, flowering: faster, tollerant flyer: true, temperature tolerance: none), 12 Automatic upgrade, 12 Light upgrade, 12 Seal upgrade, 8 Lifespan upgrade, 64 Producion upgrade, 2 Genetic stabilizer, Coordinates: x: -3692, z: -317, y: 60Description of Issue: we got griefed for the third time and all our bees are gone again. The ''mytown'' mod is NOT protecting any on the industrial apiaries even if the base if fully claimed. I don't know who griefed my town anyways so i cant even report this. Screenshots (Optional): /
  5. He has done the same thing to me few days ago. In a span of minutes i've got Warned without any vocal warnings first. Lewis____, a player in the DW 1.7.10 server, reported me on discord with a CUT OUT screen and Norse rushed to punish me. When i asked explanations he told me to shut up and if i went on asking in general chat for clarifications i would have been muted. Lewis____ reported this person on discord aswell with a CUT OUT screen again and Norse rushed again to warn him. Nice staff you have. Best regards, MrBrown
  6. Hi, after the wipe my rank is no longer showing and i had to register again to the server to enter. Is it possible to reactivate my rank somehow? My nick ingame is MrBrown Thanks.
  7. Your Name: MrBrownItem Name + ID + Ammount: 1 Void Thaumaturge Hood 4851 Coordinates:Description of Issue: After i killed the ur-ghast in th twilight forest i died because of an explosion. When i respawned i saw i had 3/4 of my armor still on (pretty unusual tbh) and i did the /back command to get to my tombstone. When i got there and broke it everything popped out except of my thaumaturge hood. can i have it back pls? Screenshots (Optional):
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