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  1. Your Name: Connyobro2Coordinates: x: -2293 z: 964Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 14/10/2018 1:00 pm GMT+13Description of Issue: I died when logging in, I was inside my town with full hunger.Screenshots (Optional):
  2. In-Game Nickname: ZeeDerpMaster Time and date: 4:35 12/10/2018 Description of what happened: Abusive speech towards TIK, Telling us to go kill ourselves. I am sick of all this hostility and hate speech from other people. Telling someone to kill them self is a big thing and is also illegal under the harmful digital communications act 2015. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/Nyx8pvo List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)
  3. I would be happy to help you out, Just hit me up in game
  4. Account Name: Connyobro2Rank: SponsorRequested Commands^: World EditReason for Request*: To clear out land in my town and build larger buildings with ease
  5. In-Game Nickname: Time and date: Ant and Archmaestro Description of what happened: They made a town that's called The_Wall and it is 407 chunks long, Just a straight line and it's wasting space as you can't claim near it. Screenshots or Proof: Imgur List of eyewitnesses:
  6. In game name: Connyobro2 Proof of Purchase: Three purchases: 3870019684544430W, 37N74765AK749131S, 66255136XM056190W Description of Issue: Renewal after wipe Date/Time of Purchase: 25/08/18, 5/10/18 , 7/10/18 Items/Rank Bought: Premium, Market Upgrade. Light Aqua prefix [Kiwi] Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information:
  7. It seems to be a clear yes, Can we get the wipe before the weekend by any chance?
  8. The server is super laggy and keeps crashing, It’s just getting worse
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