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  1. Jet_Mapex2

    Really you banned me ???

    but promise i dont know if who is the other guy
  2. Jet_Mapex2

    Really you banned me ???

    Ok sorry danielkinz
  3. Jet_Mapex2

    Really you banned me ???

    hahah BionicalGaming i dont know what happen buddy hahaha i dont really who is that guy is hahah hes jealous to me i dont know hwy
  4. Jet_Mapex2

    Really you banned me ???

    Please give my account backkk Henk please I Beg you I dont know that guy please
  5. Jet_Mapex2

    Really you banned me ???

    This danielkinz Is not my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Henk??? do somethingggggggggggggggggggggg :'((((((((((((((((( please give me back my account henkkkkkkkkkkkk i dont know that stupid guy
  6. Jet_Mapex2

    Really you banned me ???

    you banned me for what reasons Henk ??? i dont make any stupid things here..
  7. Jet_Mapex2


    ok thank you
  8. Jet_Mapex2


    I want to report this player: Fear This Girl : he/she always camping, the other noob player cant get outside because he/she kill them and use hb...thank you...
  9. hey i need help where i can find the refund ?? 

    1. geri33


      Greetings @Jet_Mapex2, as Jimmel said in the password reset topic you made previously, you should make a new topic here (<-click), following the template (<-click) . Best to do it with proof that you have had the items because we can't refund you otherwise.


  10. Jet_Mapex2

    Help me i forgot my password

    my in game name is Jet_Mapex and i have premium rank
  11. Jet_Mapex2

    I Forgot My Password

    someone help me , im an assasins craft player and i want to reset my password and change it to a new one cuz i forgot it or i mistype it you can ask questions regarding about my acc please respond fast. please i miss my account Jet_Mapex i have a rank im a premium please please help me
  12. Jet_Mapex2

    Help me i forgot my password

    Please someone help me please :'(

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