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  1. I would like my tag changed to "DaddyShark" Thank you ❤️
  2. So I have an alt account that has another town of mine claimed and at the time of making the town my alt's username was DespacitoGamer, I changed it not too long ago to Robloxer2009BC (don't mind the names) and since the name changed, the server doesn't recognize that its still the same person so everything owned by the name DespacitoGamer is still owned by the name DespacitoGamer, not Robloxer2009BC. Hope you guys understand what I am trying to say...
  3. Don't know where else to put this but I want to change custom tag to say MyMomBeatsMe (emoji not included) Also since I am here I need to get my rank on Discord, I am a Sponsor Thank you ❤️
  4. Account Name: TheRealNovaa Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: 1. No teleport timer (essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass and essentials.teleport.timer.bypass) 2. Access to World Edit commands (worldedit.*) 3. Ability to teleport to a set of coordinates Reason for Request*: 1. It is annoying having to wait to teleport between homes and teleporting to friends. 2. I would like to be able to make a large flat area for a town and being able to make perfect circles is a pain in the ass. 3. I use a website that shows the entire map with the coordinates and traveling 4000 blocks to get to someplace is a little time consuming. I have no intent of abusing any of the commands requested, mostly because I have been messed with in the past and I spent a good sum of money on this rank and would rather not lose it. Thank you for your time and for a rather good server with a very good community. EDIT: Requested Commands^: 4. /god (essentials.god) 5. /vanish (essentials.vanish) Reason for Request*: 4. Being in creative while having survival items while building a house is a pain in the ass because when you move stuff in your inventory around when in creative you risk that item being marked 'spawned in' and that item is no long usable in crafting and such. 5. Being able to build without being in creative is a big thing for me and I usually build in dark places such as being underground and that can be a problem when you are trying to place blocks and mobs are in your way, I know its easy to just kill them but when you are working with a large and dark area, you get a lot of them coming to you and blocking up the area. (Mobs don't get attracted to you while in vanish) This command will most likely only be used while making buildings so probably a small portion of time but still very useful. It will not be abused and if so deal with me harshly.
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