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  1. Name: Ryahn IGN: Ryahn_ Age: 29 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Rev but soon Cont Location: New York, not New York City A short description of yourself: I am currently in college for Computer Information and Science. I am getting 2 degrees in Network Security and System Administration but hoping to get a job in DevOps. I have been playing MC since 1.5.2 but have been on an off playing due to IRL. I have served 3 years and 7 months in the Army before I was medically discharged. I currently help maintain Resonant Rise mod pack. I was staff at another network before they were merged into another network. Hobbies and interests: I do a lot of freelance work using Laravel (Vue.JS and PHP) and NodeJS (Express, MongoDB/mysql, graphql, etc). I am currently learning Kubernetes and soon be getting a certification (CKAD). Discord / Skype Name: Ryahn#3496
  2. Account Name: Ryahn_Rank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: worldedit or worldedit.*Reason for Request*: I am doing a large build near a mountain and need a way to clear out or fill large areas. As certain machines are banned in the overworld that would allow this type of operation, ie builder from rftools. I also understand the dangers of worldedit and also that it can cause issues on the server. I will keep its use to a bare minimum or at least let staff know when I am using it.
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