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  1. Server: Rev Basic Information Name: Ryan Minecraft Username: Ryahn_ Age: 29 Languages you speak: Japanese (Beginner, Converstational), German (Intermediate), English (Native) Country + Time Zone: USA, EST Discord Name and ID*: Ryahn#3496 Do you have a microphone?: Yes Simple Questions Can you join the forums everyday?: Yes How long have you been playing on the Crafter's Land servers?: I joined a few days ago and play during my free time. On average, how many hours do you play a day and during which part of the day?**: I work mainly evenings. So I could be on after 10/11pm time permiting. About 4-8 hours depending on when I get out of work. It could be longer if I have a day off. Have you read and understood the responsibilities of the position and permissions you receive with this rank?: Yes On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Modpack?: 7, I dont really do any magic mods at all but I have been trying to learn them. Complex Questions What can you offer us if you were chosen?: Dedication, reliability and maturity. I am currently a manager at Starbucks and have no problems with solving any issues and working with others. I strive to help the team win and have fun. I also do freelance work as a web developer doing PHP, SCSS, NodeJS/jQuery. Have you ever been banned and if so, why?: No A short description of your strengths and weaknesses: Strengths: Hard working, Problem solving, personable to everything Weaknesses: Magic mods, some server commands used by staff, Tunnel vision What is the one thing you can improve yourself upon?: I would probably say prioritizing tasks a little better. I tend to get too involved in what I do and get tunnel vision. But I would say that is the OCD the military drove into me. What experience do you have as a staff member? Exemplify: I use to be a Senior Admin at DevoFTB. I helped develop the bases of the DSM (Devco Staff Manager) web interface, KaiNoMood did the rest after I stepped down due to work. What other modpacks/gamemodes have you played? Elaborate: All Resonant Rise mod packs up to RR4, FTB Inf Normal, Awakening, Crackpack, Departed, Direwolf, Beyond, Rev, Ultimate & Reloaded, Unhinged, Unleashed, Monster, Yogscraft Is there a mod in which you excel at, if so, which one and how?: Applied Energistics. I have a degree in networking and love building complex networks but efficient as possible. Do you have a screen recorder? Are you willing to download and use one?: I use OBS to stream, I could use it to record if needed. If there is any specific software needed, I can use it. I also use ShareX to record and take screenshots. Where do you see yourself as a Crafter's Land staff member in the future?: Who would want to be an Admin or Manager? But I could see myself getting up to Admin on a few servers. Not sure if I would have the time to be a staff member network wide but that could always change. What suggestions would you like to see from us and how can you help us improve the server?: None at the moment How much do you know about the helper rank? Elaborate: (permissions, usage, principle/concept): If the helper rank is anything like it was on Devco. - They would assist in troubleshooting any issues with mods, glitches, etc. - Handle all tickets within their acceptable level. - Temp un/mute players - help enforce rules - Check any players for duping - Look out of AFK machines What knowledge do you have of how the staff operate today (communication, coordination, activity)?: Every network is different on how its handled. But I would say there are specific staff channels that each rank would have access to depending on permission. A web interface for checking staff stats, tickets, etc. Forum section for news and anything upcoming. Scenarios You see a player abusing a glitch, what do you do?: I would record it and screenshot it. Approach the user and state they are breaking the rules. Take all items related to say glitch. Let appropriate staff know with documentation so warnings or bans can be issued. A player lost his items due to a server crash, what do you do?: Depending on what they are and what policy is in place. Some or all items would be replaced or none at all. How would you handle a situation if you got targeted by trolls?: Ignore them but if they persist, temp mute with screenshots or recording. If it continues, report to relavent staff to be handled. A player is speaking a a foreign language in chat, what do you do?: I would kindly ask them to refrain and use private messages or town chat. If it continues, temp mute.
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