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  1. Classic Movies " Pulp Fiction is an amazing movies in all matters speaking, It's funny, It's serious, It has a good story, It's quite dramatic. So you should definitely watch it or re-watch it ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scarface is one of my favorite movies ever (besides godfather) and for good reason too, Al pacino's acting is just flawless, It's quick to get into action, and if you like the drug cartel type of movies you should 100% watch this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Godfather is the best movie i have ever watched (including 1, 2 and 3), I'm a big fan of mafia movies and this one just takes the cake, It was ahead of its own time, the slow pace gets you on the edge and the acting, my god its amazing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you never watched Back To The Future you absolutely need to, the story is great, the acting is phenomenal and its hilarious, no more has to be said, go watch it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New(ish) movies Django Unchained in my opinion is better then the original due to the quality of video obviously, but this movie is extremely well made, it dabbles highly into racism and history and its fun to watch, wouldn't recommend if you are under 14 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You Want A War, Or You Want To Just Give Me A Gun?" John Wick (1, 2 and 3) is an amazing action movie, Its suspenseful, fun to watch, and it makes you sad that you will never be able to do such things --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I loved El Camino for many reasons, I'm a huge Breaking bad fan and this took all that and made it into a "short" movie that was just SUPER fun to watch, 10/10 PS. there are definitely a lot of good movies out there, but these are the ones i thought you should re-watch or if you haven't seen them...... watch them!
  2. happy birthday craftersland now give us some gifts for not giving
  3. But i did not shoot the deputy woooooooooo
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