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  1. i agree with you on that 1.. i tend to like the servers or plugins w/e they use were you use some of your ingame cash to extend your "property" way to mybe do something like that with claims?. sry if i sound noobish ive only bein doin modded servers/java mc since december
  2. Name: Corin IGN: xNo1Hatedx Age: 26 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Direwolf20 (hopefully branch to others as well) Location: Ontario Canada A short description of yourself: besides what i wrote so far in this. im also a father of 2 kids and a massive tattoo lover!.. i recently came from Console gaming as of December got my first gaming pc so modded minecraft is completely new to me and im slowly tryin to learn it and its def a struggle lol Hobbies and interests: My 2 Kids and Being a Father.. Gaming.. Music.. the basic stuff my world revolves around my kids so what there interested in is what im interested in ^_^ Discord: xNo1Hatedx#0236
  3. i litterly just started today just claimed an area.. but a fresh start wouldnt be bad and if so before i actually start rly building things lol
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