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  1. Bump - spoke to this user in discord ticket #0020, still awaiting transfer
  2. Thank you kindly, EPIC The pig spawners will do just fine for now I'm not too worried, was just wondering what was up. Thank you for the clarification!
  3. FML (Forge Mod Loader) is required to play modded minecraft. It is possible to download and install these modpacks manually, however I highly recommend using either our launcher or another trusted one like FTBApp, CurseForge, ATLauncher, and similar. After you have your launcher you can install any modpack you want automatically by selecting from the list (if the launcher has one) or by searching for it in the launcher itself (CurseForge uses this technique). All launchers that install modpacks for you will also install Forge/FML! After you have your modpack installed, you are ready
  4. Oh almost forgot, to add onto this post: I bought the green [Architect] tag for Network as well, which replaced my Premium tag. If anyone does happen to look into my inquiry above I would also like to request both tags to be put back on my name, if at all possible. If it's not possible don't worry about it I don't want it to be too much of a hassle as I know the managers are quite busy this time around. Thanks in advance!
  5. In game name: Mr__Toasty__Buns Proof of Purchase: First purchase (Paymentwall) b248828563 -- Second purchase (PayPal) 2TP974711T042910N Description of Issue: I was curious about the mob spawner kit, so I had purchased one for an Iron Golem. I got the message in chat about me donating to support the server then got the other items I purchased, but no spawner. I purchased the same golem kit one more time in the hopes on of them would appear, but none of them did. I am NOT requesting a money refund, they're only $3 USD kek. I just want to know if the spawners are disabled? Do I need to
  6. All items placed in your inventory. If I missed anything please reply to this post.
  7. Hello @alooid, if the nunchucks are the only item you are missing it would be faster to ask for a refund instead. Do you remember what quality/material they were? (material iron, wood, diamond etc.... quality: undying, punishing, legendary, etc)
  8. Sword has been refunded and placed in the your inventory T/C
  9. Garden Cloches, as well as barrels and a few others, are kept slow on purpose by the server to reduce stress on the server. They're also known to he buggy as certandus has stated above. It's best to only use them as an early stage seed duplicator. Once you have about 9 make an EnderIO Farming Station and use that from then on out. It'll become really fast with the right setup and you'll never use a cloche again As for the one(s) that broke, I'll be more than happy to refund a couple to your island if you want.
  10. Egg was placed in your inventory. T/C
  11. Items placed in the player's inventory Let us know if anything is not correct!
  12. Items placed in the inventory. Could not attach Advanced Mending 5 (item from villager :thonk:) so I put regular advanced mending. T/C
  13. @eytixis - This is for Sky Factory 3, if you would be so kind to move it there Thanks in advance Done ~ eytixis
  14. Hello! We could not find this player in our data and it looks from the screenshot like this is a sky-factory type of server. Are you sure you posted in the right section?
  15. Hello! If this is for Sky Factory 3, we do not have infinity blocks and the coordinates you gave are outside the world border. Was this meant for another server?
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