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  1. Apologies for late reply but to my knowledge its just a chat bug. It happens occasionally across all our servers. No clue why it happens
  2. Epic DM'd me earlier and confirmed all is working 👍 Thanks urss!! Will leave this open for a little while longer just in case you need further help on the issue.
  3. Account Name: Mr__Toasty__BunsRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands: Access to World EditReason for Request: To help clear islands not being reset properly Edit: Forgot to mention, this is for SF3
  4. Block removed 🍞 Topic Closed
  5. Here's an updated picture on the situation (no rush, all my chests are safe, only the terrain and structure was destroyed)
  6. Chicken wing ring, for some reason, doesn't allow you to fly. You would need to craft it into a "ring of the flying squid" and finally "angel ring."
  7. Your Name: Mr__Toasty__BunsCoordiantes: x: 2843, z: -4080 y: 74 (my /home point)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10:00am / Hawai'i-Aleutian Time (GMT -10) / 07-16-2020 (MM-DD-YY)Description of Issue: I did a /tpahere to me in my base to show a now ex-buddy of mine my storage progress. He tp'd invisible (probably a glitch) but then, couple minutes later after some silence, my whole base was filled with dragons and asmodeus. (I'll make a complaint post after).Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Your Name: Mr__Toasty__Buns Server Name (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): Sky Factory 3 Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: CLAIM Coordiantes: 25833, 85, -30953 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 5:00am-6:00am (HST - Hawai'i Standard Time) // June 7th, 2020 Description of Issue: Colossal chest chunks got corrupted I'm guessing. Was setting up OpenComputers with a buddy and Davie and all of sudden we crashed. Got this as an error: -- Head -- Thread: Client thread Stacktrace: at org.cyclops.colossalchests.tileentity.TileColossalChest.isStructureComplete(TileColossalChest.java:474) at org.cyclops.colossalchests.tileentity.TileColossalChest.updateTileEntity(TileColossalChest.java:281) at org.cyclops.cyclopscore.tileentity.CyclopsTileEntity.updateTicking(CyclopsTileEntity.java:94) at org.cyclops.cyclopscore.tileentity.CyclopsTileEntity.access$000(CyclopsTileEntity.java:38) at org.cyclops.cyclopscore.tileentity.CyclopsTileEntity$TickingTileComponent.func_73660_a(CyclopsTileEntity.java:347) at org.cyclops.colossalchests.tileentity.TileColossalChest.func_73660_a(TileColossalChest.java:75) -- Block entity being ticked -- Details: Name: colossalchests:colossalChest // org.cyclops.colossalchests.tileentity.TileColossalChest Block type: ID #1078 (tile.blocks.colossalchests.colossalChest // org.cyclops.colossalchests.block.ColossalChest) Block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000 Block location: World: (25877,121,-30956), Chunk: (at 5,7,4 in 1617,-1935; contains blocks 25872,0,-30960 to 25887,255,-30945), Region: (50,-61; contains chunks 1600,-1952 to 1631,-1921, blocks 25600,0,-31232 to 26111,255,-30721) Actual block type: ID #1078 (tile.blocks.colossalchests.colossalChest // org.cyclops.colossalchests.block.ColossalChest) Actual block data value: 0 / 0x0 / 0b0000 Stacktrace: at net.minecraft.world.World.func_72939_s(World.java:1804) Screenshots (Optional): Couldn't get any.
  9. Your Name: Mr__Toasty__Buns Server Name (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): Sky Factory 3 Inventory Rollback or Claim Rollback: CLAIM Coordiantes: 25833, 85, -30953 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): May 8th, 2020 (any time between 12am-3pm) Description of Issue: I had filed a separate island rollback request regarding a corrupted chunk on April 29th. That request was answered and a rollback was issued, allowing me to continue progression. I had built up a LOT of resources and brand new areas to my base, and as I was working on my brand new tower, the server restarted and my island somehow got reverted to a few days before the original rollback as mentioned above. We lost a ton of resources in the process and all our progression has gone to waste.. I request, if possible, another island rollback to yesterday (May 8th, 2020) at about 3pm PST or earlier, if at all possible. (Obviously doesn't need to be THAT time) Screenshots (Optional): Before server restart on May 8th, 2020 (roughly 5pm PST) I didnt have a full base picture, I was showing my buddy my wither farm: After server restart on May 8th, 2020 (roughly 5:20pm PST) this is, ironically, the same EXACT state my island was in on April 29th, 2020 when we did THAT request:
  10. Your Name: Mr__Toasty__BunsIsland Owner Name: Mr__Toasty__BunsCoordinates: 25833, 85, -30953Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 04/25/2020Description of Issue: Started work on a new island for a huge factory and a draconic reactor below my main base area. Noticed my island mate DaviePlays did some work and moved his battery back and made it prettier, however as I joined the game and walked toward my ME System I got disconnected with the "java couldn't allocate.." etc message (I'm sure everyone is familiar with that one). Joined again and tried to approach from the opposite side and instantly disconnected with the same message. Talked to CowGoesBananas on discord and he said we must have corrupted a chunk or a few of them. Would appreciate an island rollback to a couple days ago (again, 04/25/2020)Screenshots (Optional): -Nothing I took would upload-
  11. I'm able to connect to the hub server just fine (modded.craftersland.us) but every time I try to join specifically the SF3 server (sf3.craftersland.net), the game disconnects and brings up an error code as follows: "Connection Lost Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.Decoder.Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Tried to read NBT tag that was too big: tried to allocate: 2097166bytes where max allowed: 2097152" I am using Twitch launcher, have tried restarting my pc and reinstalled the modpack multiple times, as well as tried using the jar launcher instead. I am allocating 4gb to the game on a 8gb physical memory / 16.5gb virtual memory system (windows 10 x64 bit). It was working fine yesterday IGN: Mr__Toasty__Buns, in case you need my username. EDIT: Spoke to CowGoesBananas on discord, turns out it's being caused by corrupted chunks. Posted a new thread for an island rollback.
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