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  1. Lol Im still not breaking any rules, and the only times i hit you i was on the ground, unlike you, shooting at me with a creative jetpack
  2. This continued the next day as well
  3. As an afternote, he continued trying to provoke players afterwords I am unable to get any higher in chat logs than this but he also insinuated "I would keep the server economy going with my blowjob money" His words, not mine.
  4. In-Game Nickname: NOD_SoldierYour username (Optional):ArtyArazorTime and Date: 12:00 am (GMT-3) 12/9/20 Description of what happened: (In chronological order) NOD_Soldier used a slur towards another member, (Wynterstorm) in casual conversation, totally unprovoked. Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) Jozy19, mickeyrocky1300, Wynterstorm.
  5. ArtyArazor


    As an afterthough, though the screenshots only show a few lines, the chat was filled with the same message for a solid 10 minute till the server restarted
  6. ArtyArazor


    Network Server (AC, Pure, CTW, etc.) : DD&SS In-Game Nickname : ArtyArazor Nickname of the one you are complaining about : NotSeeParty Description of the situation : Ignoring for a moment that their username is an obvious allusion to Nazi Party, They have some form of wither farm that is constantly spamming chat with notifications, breaking the no spam rule Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Proof image Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Anyone on the server at 4:25 PM (GMT-3) 31/8/2020
  7. ArtyArazor


    -------Post removed due to improper categorization--------- Note: The players not following the mentioned form will not be taken into consideration.
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